IMLS Example of OBE

IMLS provides the following example of outcome-based evaluation on their website:

The following projects' goals include changing behavior and skills through project activities. PROGRAM: COLUMBIA COUNTY READ TOGETHER PROGRAM

Program Purpose: The Columbia County Public Library, Columbia Regional High School, Columbia County Head Start, and Columbia County Literacy Volunteers cooperate to provide story hours, literacy information, materials, and other resources to increase the time parents and other caretakers spend reading to children.

Program Services

  1. Make information visits to neighborhood community centers, County Head Start programs, and Columbia High School parenting classes
  2. Provide daily story hours for parents and other caretakers and children at library and other sites
  3. Provide library cards
  4. Provide literacy counseling
  5. Connect learners with literacy tutors
  6. Provide children's and basic reader materials to meet individual needs
  7. Provide a participant readers' support network

Intended Outcomes: Adults will read to children more often.

Indicators: Number and percent of parents or other caretakers who read to children 5 times/week or more.

Data Source(s): Participant interviews.

Target for Change: At the end of year one, 75% of participating parents and other caretakers will read to children in their care 5 times per week or more.

In the program above, the ultimate goal is to improve literacy in the county, but the project has chosen to measure a more immediate and related goal that provides a short-term indication of progress. That goal is frequent reading to children. Information will be collected through a survey of participants.