Handouts for ECRR Workshops

The handouts in this section are referenced in the various ECRR workshops for staff, parents and caregivers.


PDF Handouts

  • Getting Comfortable with the Early Literacy Research                                                                          As part of their 2009 evaluation of the first edition of Every Child Ready to Read®, Dr. Susan B. Neuman and Dr. Donna Celano conducted an extensive literature review of the latest research in early literacy development. The review identified critical skills associated with long-term reading achievement and best practices used in highly regarded early literacy programs around the United States. This handout is perfect for librarians or early childhood educators who want to learn more or need a refresher of previous learning. 

  • More Information about Early Literacy
    This handout provides a bibliography for those who would like to explore the research in more depth.

  • Getting Ready to Read at Home
    This handout is referenced in all of the Parent & Caregiver workshops. It provides an excellent overview for parents on ways to support their child's early literacy development.