This section contains storytime programs created by Cruise Steering Committee members in a template that highlights the ECRR early literacy practices of talk, sing, read, write and play. Feel free to use any or all of the programs! For the first storytime, Jump and Splash, you will see two documents: the Cruise Storytime Template highlighting the early literacy components of the program, and a more traditional (and longer) outline on executing the storytime. Please peruse this Storytime Template example as compared to the longer write-up of the same storytime. We hope you agree that the template saves time while ensuring an emphasis on the five practices! A blank Word document of the Storytime Template is available that you can download and use for your own planning purposes.

In addition to storytime programs, you will also find examples of parent handouts to distribute at storytimes.
Note: You may want to email your handouts to save printing costs and get the full impact of colorful graphics!

Storytime Template (Blank)
Jump and Splash Storytime - (Example Template Version) 
Jump and Splash Storytime (Example Long Version)
Bridges Storytime - NEW!
Ants Storytime - NEW!
Bears Storytime 
Building Storytime 
Cookies Galore Storytime
Playing is My Work Storytime 
Rainforest Storytime 
Pizza Storytime 
All About Birds Storytime 
Shapes Storytime 
Rev Your Engines Storytime 
Fruits and Vegetables Storytime 
Baby and Toddler Handout Example (pages 1-2)
Baby and Toddler Handout Example (page 3)
Threes, Fours, & Fives Handout Example (pages 1-2) 
Threes, Fours, & Fives Handout Example (page 3)