Play K & Kindergarten Transition

Making the transition into kindergarten a smooth one for children and families is one of the main goals of Cruise Libraries!  Our new Play K curriculum is currently being used in libraries across the state to provide early learning experiences for children and families. You can now access the curriculum online (see below). An online course centered around the curriculum is now one of the modules available under the Professional Development Tab. It is designed as a refresher for those who attended the workshop or for training new staff.


Play K Curriculum Introduction 

Playscape One - All Aboard Curriculum

Playscape One Sign 

Playscape One Take-Home Activity Sheet

Playscape Two - A Home For Me & a Home For You Curriculum   

Playscape Two Sign

Playscape Two Take-Home Activity Sheet 

Playscape Three - Let's Go Shopping Curriculum 

Playscape Three Sign

Playscape Three Take-Home Activity Sheet 

Playscape Four - All Around Town Curriculum

Playscape Four Sign

Playscape Four Take-Home Activity Sheet

Playscape Five - Amazing Animals - Pets Curriculum 

Playscape Five Sign

Playscape Five Take-Home Activity Sheet

Playscape Six - My Colorful World Curriculum

Playscape Six Sign

Playscape Six Take-Home Activity Sheet

Playscape Seven - Sets and Patterns All Around Curriculum

Playscape Seven Sign

Playscape Seven Take-Home Activity Sheet

Playscape Eight - Eating Healthy, Growing Strong Curriculum

Playscape Eight - Eat a Rainbow Chart

Playscape Eight Sign

Playscape Eight Take-Home Activity Sheet

Play K Basic Cutting Practice

Play K Themed Cutting Practice 

Seven Ways to Use the Basic Kit 

Play K Parent/Caregiver Feedback Survey Postcard


Introducing the Cruise into Kindergarten Activity Cards!

Activity Card intro Screen Shot

These cards are designed for parents and caregivers to provide engaging learning activities that can be done with simple materials found around the home. Recommended books related to the learning activities and a rhyming fingerplay are included on each card. Sharing these books and activities will help make for a smooth transition into kindergarten!

Cruise into Kindergarten Activity Cards Download

10 Ways to Use The Cruise into Kindergarten Activity Cards




Cruise Gameboard

Remember, the Cruise into Kindergarten Online Game for parents and caregivers has links to age appropriate sites 

and activities for children and adults to explore together, as well as tips and guidelines for media use!